Frost Furnace
Frost Furnace.png
Default ID(pre-MC:1.7) 2201
Data Value 1
Blast Resistance 12.5
Tool Grid Stone Pickaxe.png
Stackable yes (64)
CFU Capacity 150 CFU
CFU Intake 5 CFU/tick
"This machine is told to be a threat to the laws of nature. It creates temperatures so low that it burns!!!"

A Frost Furnace is a FrostCraft machine which shares the same function as a normal Furnace in Minecraft. It uses CFU to smelt/cook items. it uses its total capacity(=150 CFU) to smelt/cook one item and it takes the same amount of ticks(=150 ticks = 7,5 seconds). It has all the recipes a normal furnace has without any exceptions or additions.

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